Have achievements killed off some games lifespan ?

Ok I know first of all achievements are designed to give people a reason he play a game more giving more incentive.

However not all games quite have it as some can have you going for the achievements without experiencing much of the game.

This thread comes from after some one in the Brink froum said

"I've 100% ed the game why would I play it anymore"

Now I prefer to play games for fun hence I'll often play games I feel I want too even older games and will replay them to find stuff and the experience of them, I only normally get rid of games when I feel the fun has gone from them, be it after 1 week or 1 year or more.

So my question is are achievements removing the replayability, are they removing the idea of making your own challange and looking for different things in the game to do ?


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I've got the full gamerscore/ achievements on many games, however every now and again il go and play the game for a short period of time.

I dont like the idea of multiplayer achievements especially if you have to do them with friends (Et Tu, Brute? - Knife 5 friends - BFBC2). Also developers/ publishers can just pull the plug on the severs so players cant get them.

I like a bit of a challenge (Get X amount of kills with Y)

Achievements don't mean jack to me to be honest. The only game where I'm even trying for achievements is Halo Reach just to get the Halo Waypoint unlocks, that's it though.

Well that would depend on the person's view and how they play the game.

For me, it gives more incentives to play the game, and sometimes play it in a different way/harder difficulty, which increases the lifespan of the game.

But I do go back to other games that I have 1000G in, because I still like the game and want to keep playing it. I even go back to other games such as Gears 1 sometimes, not for the gamerscore.

I do have certain online achievements because they ruin the games, as some people do not play the game as intended and they only go for the achievements. For example if there is an achievement that requires you to team kill someone 5 times, that would just kill the game for me. Obviously not all games have that exact achievement, but you get my point.

Yes it has killed the lifespan of some games.  Certainly not all games.  And it's certainly not the case with all people.  I play games with full gamerscore probably more regularly than games i don't have it.

I'd say yes and no. Reason being is that before achievements were created you still have the '%' meter in some games. When people reached that 100% did they stop playing because they hit it or did they carry on? I just think it all depends on how much you enjoyed the game in the first place.  If you thought the game was okay and you 100%'d it, chances are you won't touch it again once you've finished. But if you loved the game so much you would go back to it again and again. Like me with guitar hero and oblivion.


Some games have achievements that make you play through the game a few times to obtain that 100%. But other games have an achievement list that can be completed in the first level (yes looking at your avatar) which of course, isn't good for game lifespan. I really want to know if someone somewhere has seen the final credits of that game...


At the end of it, I just think it's down to the person and their enjoyment of the game.

I like achievements. I set myself targets within games, but more than anything, I like to complete the actual game story. For me, that is 'completing' a game - none of this 1000g malarkey. When you 1k a game do you actually see more of the game? No. You just hit certain targets or achieve goals that other, maybe, lesser players are incapable of.

I have 1750g on Borderlands but I still play it for fun and I'm currently playing through Lost Odyssey. A game that really only rewards you towards the end of the game with regards to gamerscore. Yet its a wonderful game and I would play it regardless of achievements.

I don't even worry about achievements until I've finished a single playthrough of a story driven game. I'll sometimes 'Mop Up' achievements after finishing the game, depening on how much I enjoyed it.

i like to play through the story/ campaign mode first then i will replay it just to try and get the achivements but i think they shouldnt put multiplayer achievments on because not everyone gets a game for the multiplayer. ive also noticed latley some people have modded there gamerscore so they they dont have to play any games for achivements which is a good idea but its modding so i think people who work for xbox want to look into sorting the modders in games and out of games out.

If anything i think gamerscore makes games last longer. I see an achivment on my gamercard that is achivable i will get that game back on and give it a go so if anything it makes you explor your games further which can only be a good thing when you consider the amount of money you spend on a game.

i dont think that there should be online achievements for games, it hinders the people who cant afford to pay for gold - but if i have 1000 a game and i know i wont play it again, i pass it onto friends or offer up for a prize on my mates gaming website that im part of.  

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