Hate annoying players on xbox live?

If so then our community may be perfect for you!!


If you're sick of annoying kids, psychos or just plain idiots on xbox live then why not visit our site and have a look around. We are a group primarily based in the UK and Ireland who play mainly for fun but still like to win. A lot of us have other halves that have been widowed by Xbox so don't be too worried about being labelled a geek as most of us hear it daily from our mrs's!!

You preferably have to be over 18 to join although we would consider slightly younger members as long as you don't annoy the living daylights out of us! We play a large selection of games although current favourites include BLOPS, Gears 2, Fifa 11 and Forza but between us we own most of the top titles including a shed load of Arcade games (poker night can be banter central!!).

So climb on, have a poke about and join the most welcoming group of gamers on xbox.

See you there!!!


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I like psychos, only he can stop doctor who.

P4G still looking for new gamers

Especially with the coop giant that is borderlands 2 coming up and the many game nights on black ops 2 well be hosting!!

You'd be a Doyle to miss it!

So what games we playing this weekend?

Mainly trying to get through inversion and that popcap arcade you reccomended, before the likes of borderlands 2 starts taking over my Xbox, oh and Lego batman as my sons just got it and can't keep off it! (cheevs while at work! )

Yay, its the weekend

Beers and the box, I'm away Sunday to Liverpool so it's getting hammered from now till then.

Woop woop it's Fifa 13 time on Place4Gamers. Time for beers and fifa banta :-D

Any one up for some resi 6, borderlands 2 or fifa?