Has xbox one lost it's fan base?

Just curious if xbox has lost it's fan base like the 360 had because of the ps4 and it's sales? I'm not trying to start a war but does xbox and xbox live still have a strong community like last generation or has everyone switched over?


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Xbox got a fan base ?

As far as i can see,only myself play on Xbox one but there are maybe more people,who knows.... ;)

"Everyone switched over" ?

Last gen (home) consoles sold around 280 million units (2005-2013)

Current gen (home) consoles sold around 45 million units (2012-now)

Not everyone,did "the next-gen" jump....Not everyone followed the same path.

I got Xbox 1 with Kinect Day One 2013. Although I love how Microsoft has improved the console compared to how crappy it was at launch (no voice messages, can't change UI background, slow UI, Stereo uncompressed sound instead of dolby, need I go on), I still play on my Xbox 360 way more. Only 20% of my friends have an Xbox 1 and I have a full Xbox 360 friends list. Don't be mistaken OP, millions around the world still play on Xbox 360. Microsoft did such an awesome job with that console.

Xbox 1 is likely to be getting Windows 10 Features like Cortana which would be fun! I love and am into Windows 10 and will be getting a new PC with it when they role out in retail stores, but I think HP won't be rolling out Windows 10 PCs until later this year which is slack! They still have Windows 8.1 and I don't like that UI. Directx12, a company I like, and when they Update the UI. Oh, and Microsoft acquired MINECRAFT which I think is a great strategic move since millions play that game. You also have exclusives which the rival console platform doesn't have like Halo, Forza, Screamride, and Zoo Tycoon.

The Xbox One is a mint system. It's not surprising that the PS4 has sold more given Microsoft's abysmal launch of the One. Gamers, no matter their platform of choice, have long memories.

So with that being said which console when "most people make the switch" will they tend to lean towards? Xbox one or ps4?

I dont hold any system in high regard, Only reason I bought a ONE is because it was cheaper. Ps4 is a joke just like One is.

Anyways..... Tzar- can you elaborate more on your original post. Are you an xbox can or playstation?

I know a couple friends from Xbox 360 who went to PS4, guess what, they have an Xbox 1 now. PS4 may dazzle with it's GDDR5 RAM and since Xbox 1 only reserves 5GB or something for RAM, the rest is used for the system even though both consoles have 8GB RAM. But if you ask me, I prefer to be with Microsoft rather than join Sony. You still get a lot of fun on this side of the fence. They did a great job with Xbox 360, and I just know they're gonna do a great job with Xbox 1.

Hard to say,best is to ask to everyone who owns one (or more) current gen systems.(if they switched or not).

Numbers of sales do not answer this question.

My only question is this..... Will the xbox one be a successful has the 360 was when it's all said and done. Do you think at the end of the day MS will recover from the bad launch?

Grabbed an Xbox one because I've never liked Playstations, no real reason why, just prefer Xbox...

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