even apply for testing by FCC?? Just makes me question all this November release rumors.


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Google is your friend, neeeeeeeeeeeeeext.

thank you kindly sir! Read somewhere that they hadn't and I did read that link with major nelson stating but cannot find anything that confirms this. O_o

Major Nelson has a Reddit Account: www.reddit.com/.../majornelson

(5th latest post of his, 5th one down).

yes and it passed FCC certification before the PS4, for some reason though all the big news websites seemed to think the PS4 passing was news, and the Xbox One passing wasn't................go figure.

well alright then. I feel relieved although i keep seeing this n4g.com/news/clickout/1341883

I hate sites that post articles without doing a tiny bit of research. That article is nothing more than uninformed scaremongering.

Here's the test reports and documentation from the FCC.  apps.fcc.gov/.../ViewExhibitReport.cfm

So I don't know why N4G is still saying it hasn't passed, also the FCC only checks for radio frequencies not clashing with other stuff, that's it, nothing to test if the console even works.

well , thanks everyone for replying and relieving me of my worries. Waiting on PAX!