Has Anyone Tried...(?)....

Ok so don’t brutalize me if my information is outdated, or I
missed one of the thousand updates of information that’s flooded out about the
Xbox One.  As far as I’m tracking there’s
no backwards compatibility with any of the previous Xbox titles.  From what I understand they posted that we
would have the option to download 360 titles to the One.  But they said that
would not be an option in recent months. (?)

Has anyone out there tried to route the Xbox 360 through the
Xbox One?  It would
probably be just as easy to connect the 360 to another HDMI port on my TV.  I would really like to Snap between the 360
and the One.  Is this possible?  If so what types of problems come with the
same profile being active on two different Xbox devices?  If there’s a link or any first hand info out
there hit me up?  What are some of the draw backs that you have experienced in doing this?

Thanks all.


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You can do it but you'll get lag.  Like if you hit the button to jump, you'll see it jump on the screen a little later than you would ordinarily.  Wouldn't make for fun gaming.

is that through the Xbox One controller or Xbox 360?  Or, is that because of some interference with the connection? 

You would have to use the 360 controller.

IGN did something similar, trying to run a WiiU thru it.  Lag.  Anything thru that HDMI port will lag slightly.  Fine for TV.  Not fine for gaming.