Has anyone here ever had a group interview with Game?

What does it involve?

There are a few Christmas Temp jobs coming up in my area, I might apply.

Any info would be appreciated.



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They just ask a few questions to get to know more about you and your knowledge of games, it was a while back when i attended, but from memory that was pretty much it

I once had to try and sell them a Stapler. I was all like 'It's better than the next leading stapler'. I didn't get the job...

It's a job interview that requires nothing but a pushy sales pitch. Have fun.

RIP, did you get the job

like someone said they ask you about what games are coming out and whats its about,

I had a group interview for an Xmas Temp job at game.

I had to do one song on singstar infront of 30 people (I picked Life on Mars oh yeh lol)

Then we broke into groups and had to sell the staff member a game off the shelf. This was before the 360 came out and I was told by the staff member I should have picked a game I knew nothing about, the game was condemed and i told the staff member I actually did know nothing about the game and all the stuff I'd just rambled on about buying a Game own surround sound system was what I got off the back of the box.

I didn't get a job there, the thing is you will have to be prepared to sell things people don't need to people who don't know they don't need it, you will be basically selling to mothers after stuff for kids.

Yeh just asked bout games, our interests and asked us to try and sell some products, i think i had to try and sell a psp camera (which i thought was a crappy useless product so i kinda sucked at pitching it).