Has anyone heard anything regarding themes working on the Xbox One?

I've been following the development and news regarding the One fairly closely and have been an avid supporter since the announcment. I'm glad that we'll retain the avatars and gamerpics with expanded functionality and support, but I havent seen anything regarding the premium themes. I realize it's a different UI all together but I'd love to still be able to use the wallpapers bundled with them to some extent. I'd appreciate any info on the matter.


Also, weird question that I'm sure the answer is self explanatory. But all of our licenses for purchased TV shows and movies should carry over?


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I don't think the themes carry over, I think the only things that will are your digital content from the xbox store (Music, movies and TV shows). But that's about it.

if its like metro you pick the colors of your tiles, either on the whole on a per tile basis. some tiles will have animations and can be photos/images. then the background can be a wall paper.


so to answer your question, kind of. it should be free and more customizable now

Thanks for the responses. I suppose I can always find the MM wallpaper online and skin it, hopefully.