Has anyone from Australia had there money taken for xbox one day one pre order.

Has anyone from Australia had there money taken for xbox one day one pre order

Still says backordered and haven't has any emails.

Xbox One Day One

Price: AU$599.00
Quantity: 1
Status: BackOrdered
Ship it 
Pre-order now 12/31/2013
Ordered 11 th june
They have taken the money for the games I ordered last week.

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Same here. I've been charged for my games but not the console or extra controllers. Pre Ordered all at the same time early September. Makes me nervous as there aren't many days left for it to get to me... Really hoping it all goes through early tomorrow...

No I haven't, If I decide to buy it then it will be from my local EB or K-Mart that have plenty of non pre-ordered consoles. I've got a feeling I'll have this in my house in just over 3 days and 5 hours, you guy's should check up on your orders.

Have you guys been charged yet? I called again this morning and the lady pretty much said when they ship it ill be charged.

I think its leaving it a bit late don't you think? I have PayPal as my payment method and haven't received any emails saying they have had trouble. Just a bit annoying since I pre ordered a day one system and have a feeling I won't even get it day one

Hope I'm not dissapointed.

My money was taken out first thing this morning timmy. It's definitely cutting it close, I'm a bit nervous. One console is being delivered to my door, I'm fairly certain I'll get that, but one of them is being posted to my PO Box, not so confident with that one. Australia Post can be a real pain sometimes.

If you live close enough to a major city you should be fine.