Has anyone been to the Gamestation in the Arndale (M/c) recently?

Recently as in today or yesterday. I ask because I know there are a few locals who post here.


I want to know whether they have the 'Trade 3 games in and get an extra £10 trade credit' offer in the window. I believe the offer was posted on HotUKdeals a couple of days ago. I am also led to believe there is no small print regarding what you can/can't trade in.


If the offer is on the plan is to go into town on BH Monday and trade in TW08, TW09, PES6, PDZ, Arcade Unplugged Vol 1 and an other unplayed game. Recieve whatever pennies they offer me for the games and the £20 they're offering, then use the credit to buy MS points. Too good an offer to pass up....if my only open local GS is playing ball.




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This deal is nationwide. Not been in to do this offer yet. But what is to stop me going in and buying FIFA 08. 09 and PES 6 then going to the other gamestation around the corner and bag the £10 credit?

Usually with offers like this GameStation always exclude sports titles. If someone can let us know if they have done this please post here thanks.

Yeah, I assume its nationwide but I just wanted clarification that a) the store is open, b) the offer was 100% on and c) like you said - is there an exclusion of older sports titles?


You could easily do what you said or buy a 99p copy of Truth and Lies etc. I doubt they'd pricematch AND include the £10 either.


Mad offers like this is what contributed to the companys downfall IMO. I've spent good money there is the past, now is the time to abuse their offer.

I think they say games traded in have to retail for at least £2.99 in store, could be wrong though.

It would be intresting to see if anyone gets away with using the cheap as chips games to get there £10 credit.........

Just a bit more info,

Just went to gamestation in Huddersfield as its only 2 minutes from my office ( yes I am working Easter Sunday)

The offer is still on but it does say terms and conditions apply. I didn't ask what they were though.

Cheers COOP.




According to this thread they are accepting any game - 360, PS3, (3)DS, Wii and Vita - they are not accepting multiple copies of games though.


Regarding the nothing less than £2.99 sale value, they are selling every game for no less than £4.99 including your donkeys old FIFA games. The link also has members posting GAME are also doing the offer too. Incredible really.....will they ever learn?


Obviously the usual scumbags are abusing the offer as usual so who knows how long it'll last - its meant to be 25th April. I'm gonna trade in 12 games (3 of which are old golf/football games) and hopefully get back £40-50 which'll immediately be spent on MSP. There is no way its going on a card for them to go bust and me having £50 worth of nothing. 


Hopefully a few of us can offload some old tripe. :-) 

I don't suppose anyone knows if gamestation takes games in without a barcode? I have FUEL here it came as part of the charity triple pack. Full game will retail cover and booketlet but it has no barcode. It dose not say anything like Not for resale or anything.

I have that and Pro Evo 6 and Motorstorm to trade in.  

GAME has this offer advertised on their website, it's completely open to abuse seeing as there are no restrictions.

I know they are going to be stocking Witcher 2 so all I need to do is find some old games for £1 in CEX then flog them to GAME so I only end up spending around £10 to get the game. 

This is too good to be true. Popped in my local GAME and took, Football Manager 06,Fifa11,Viva Pinata,Pes,08,Pes09,Pes10,Pes11,Moto GP 07,Brian Lara Cricket,Table Tennis,Banjo Kazooie and Shadowrun..

All in i got just short of £70 in store credit.. Good Times!!

It certainly is Geoff!!!


I took PES 6, FIFA 08, FIFA 10, TW 08, TW 09, The Darkness, Far Cry 2, Kinect Adventures, Crackdown, Arcade Unplugged Vol 1, PDZ, Mirrors Edge and received £60.80!!!


Not much instore so I bought 7100 MSP.


The plan is to try and pick up another 12 games for £15 or less before the 25th April and trade those in for The Witcher 2. I may even get rid of some of my own dust gatherers too.

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