Hardest boss thread

Which boss out of all the games you have played/owned/rented is/was the hardest to defeat?

Boss: Yomi
Game: Final Fantasy XIII-2

My party is level 99 on 3 of 5 paradigms. Noel has 9800HP with Gold Bangle & Serah has 5850HP with 16% magic and magic+10. Paragigms i use are COM/COM/COM - RAV/RAV/SEN - MED/COM/MED and SEN/SEN/SEN when Yomi uses his special attack.

He takes the mick in beating.. I can barely get a hit in before getting killed and when i do stagger him he puts his auric shield up to reset his stagger and i still can't beat him.. 50 minutes of getting beat up.


Edit - beaten him now.


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I can't remember whether bosses were hard on any of the games on my old consoles.

Looking at my xbox 360 games though, the games that i've completed, i have done pretty easily with no trouble.

Looking at games i haven't completed yet, in these i haven't actually got far enough to have attempted the "boss" fights

So i'll just consider which bosses i think will the hardest ones when i get to them:

Gears of War 3 massive wasp fly thing that shoots lasers, i intend to complete Gears 3 on Insane solo when i get back to playing Xbox so i feel this boss will be difficult to beat.

Mass Effect 2 bosses in later stages of the game on Insane difficulty.

Guitar Hero 3 bosses on Hard/Expert because i completely suck at the game. 

I beat Long-Gui and Shao-Long Gui the other day in FFXIII. People tell me they're pretty tough. I dunno. Found FFXII's Yiazmat a bigger pain. Don't have 5 hours to slog away at a boss. FFX had this Penance boss that I never even knew existed until a short while back. Might load up my PS2 save and see what that one's like.


I remember having a pretty tough time fighting some of the bosses in Shin Megami Tensei: Lucifer's Call. Can't remember any of them though.

You ain't using SAB's thats why Yomi is hard for you.

No SYNs either. Get it together man!

Well yeah both used together, posion is the way I kill him. Not major quick thou as is ment to be the hardest boss in the game (sarah vs ***** on her own with parascope on was the hardest boss fight in FF XIII-2 for me)

Emerald and Ruby Weapons Final Fantasy 7

^^ Pfff. Smalltime.

Ninja Gaiden Black, ALMA on Master Ninja, 'nuff said!

Omega weapon final fantasy 13-2 dlc

Yomi? It's an easier version of Vercingetorix from XIII, you don't even have to attack it to win, hardly challenging at all(which sums up FFXIII-2 as a whole). Incendiary shuriken ninjas from NG2 are more difficult and they're regular enemies.

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