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Is it me or what...im a little mad that we get a 500g hard drive but after you do the update you lose about 20% or your hard drive and then Forza 5 is 8g so you lose even more and im the type of player that likes playing more then one game at a time so this really sucks they should have gave us 1tb


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For the price difference between a 500gb and a 1tb. I know most people would have paid an extra £10 for the extra space.

But they should hopefully have usb hd compatability soon. Then you can put virtually any external drive you want on. I have 3 1tb usb 3.0 portable drives. They are not that expensive and they are very fast. 

I'm really surprised they released it with only a 500gb drive given the size of games and the price of drives.  Charging players 5 hunny, I think you're right, most would rather pay 520 or 530 and get the extra space.

I agree that they should have had a 1 TB drive as standard, with option to upgrade it.

500gb is abit small for that size of the games.

What they should have done, was to have a slot in drive on the side, so you could upgrade the internal HDD easilly if you wanted too without voiding warranty.

But there will be a patch in the future to add external HDD through the USB 3 port, so it's only a problem until then.

Heh, no, an extra $20 or $30 on top of $499 would not have gone over well. You already have people going crazy over the extra $100. And it doesn't solve the problem - fixed internal space is fixed internal space. Better to add external support.

They are making money on the console - correct. Approx $28 (£16.82)

The difference in retail cost from a 500gb HD to 1tb HD (Western Digital - internal) is £8 exactly. Now Microsoft are not going to pay that price difference, when they are buying them wholesale and in the millions.

So they would be able to get them at a difference of less than a fiver or even less in price difference between the two types.

It would cost them very little to have made it a 1TB, in fact probably on the order of nothing at all, if your going to go for a cheaper drive manufacture.

So with that, they still would have made money, and been more popular for doing so.

Better to add external support??????? So better to let every pay say £60 (say $70 to $80) for new 1 - 2TB HDD Portable or an extra £10 ($16) for an extra 500GB of space, making it 1TB to start and giving EVEREYONE more space in the beginning. As there would be no space issues at the moment that some people are having.

Hektik2123, I have 7 games and Titanfall beta and have only used 29% of my available memory. I think most of us will be fine until the external drive app becomes available.  

HairyLoveSpuds, I agreed with everything you said until you suggested using a cheaper drive. 500GB may not be enough but I'd rather have a safe 500GB than one that's constantly failing.

I had the same issue last gen because I had a 120ĞB PS3 & PS+. I learned to uninstall games that I wasn't playing anymore. You have to do a lot of installing & uninstalling. I can't wait for MS to add external HDD function.

Patience my friends. I believe that the ONE will have an upgradeable external and internal HDD.

They are not there yet, but the XBOX ONE will support external storage, even to install and run games of. I think that's quite significant. Also, you can install heaps of games on the hard drive, not all are 50GB you know.

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