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Apologies if I missed another thread with my same circumstance. I did a search that yielded no helpful results.

I have had my XBox 360 4GB Slim for almost 11 months now, and have been having problems with it restarting itself for the past month or so. After buying this console, I then bought a Microsoft-brand 250GB hard drive. I inserted it without problem, and hadn't removed it even once until four or five days ago.

The problems really began the same day Mass Effect 3 was released. I tried installing it to my hard drive and around 77%, the XBox shut off and then would restart, getting so far as the XBox Live Home screen, and then it would restart, stuck in an endless loop. I was baffled for a couple days, and then realized I had a partial game installation (77% of Mass Effect 3) that was corrupted in my hard drive. So I removed the game from the tray, went to my memory settings, and deleted the corrupt file. My XBox stopped restarting itself with the corrupt file removed, but since then I have not been able to install any games to my hard drive since then. It always restarts and gets stuck in a loop while installing. The same thing also happens sometimes when I try to download new downloadable content, or re-download downloadable content that I originally bought when I had my previous two XBoxes.

So whatever, I just won't install games to my hard drive anymore, no big deal, right? Except starting about five days ago, my XBox will seemingly restart at random. Or if I have been playing one game and switch to another, it will restart when I try to start the next game and then get stuck in another loop. I really wasn't sure what to do, so I went through every single thing showing on my hard drive, to see if there was some corrupted something-or-other that was messing things up. But I found nothing.

So I decided to just try something, and I removed the hard drive while the system was stuck in one of the restarting loops. It auto-restarted again, and it went straight to the XBox Live Home screen, no problem. I turned it off and reinserted the hard drive, turned it back on, stuck in a loop. I removed it, restart, XBL Home screen. I then reinserted the hard drive while it was on the Home screen, and it restarted, and then actually worked, and went to the Home screen again.

That is how I have been playing for almost the past week. If it restarts, I remove and then reinsert the hard drive, and it works until I shut the system off. Then whenever I start it back up, I have to remove and reinsert it. And then just now I was playing a game and as soon as I hit the first checkpoint at the very beginning, it restarts and loops. I removed and reinserted it, and the exact same thing happened. I know it's not the game though, because I have played it through before.

So now I'm really at a loss. I have had absolutely zero problems with red lights on either my console or the power pack. The light on the power pack is green when the XBox is on, and amber/orange when I have the console off. The only odd thing I've seen is when I power off the console while it's stuck in a loop, the center on/off indicator light will flash once 5-10 seconds after I have turned it off, almost like what happens when you have an active download going even after you shut the system off.

I know from previous research I have done regarding problems I have had with downloadable content that I had bought using one of my previous XBoxes that when I buy something, a license is issued both to my account and to the XBox on which I used to purchase it. Since I have amassed four or five hundred licences over the years, I have never gotten around to transferring all of them to my new XBox, so I thought it was worth mentioning in case all of the problems I am having are the result of software errors by using downloadable content on my new XBox purchased on my older, now defunct XBoxes. However, that being said, I also have the same problems with my hard drive/console restarting when I play games I never played on a previous XBox.

The only other thing worth mentioning is that I also have Kinect, and when I started having serious issues with the restarting I unplugged it from the USB port on my XBox. It's just a thought, but I didn't know if maybe having the update I downloaded for the Kinect in my hard drive but not having the Kinect plugged it might be causing the problems.

Aside from that, I think I have listed all of the things I can think of. All of the hardware I am and have been using is what came with my 360/Kinect. The HDMI cable I use shouldn't be the issue either, as I have switched it out with two other ones I also have, and issue persists. My TV is even newer than the XBox, so I don't think there is any problem there either. The console sits on a shelf by itself with plenty of room around it, my apartment it kept quite cool, and I can hear/feel the fan(s) going inside the XBox, so I don't think it's an overheating problem either.

Thanks in advance, and sorry for the long post. I wanted to be thorough.


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You pretty much answered your own question. If you have a thumb drive what i want you to do is take out your hard drive insert your thumb drive and turn the Xbox on. Then install Mass Effect 3 on the Thumb Drive. If there is no problem. Then you have a faulty hard drive and if it is still under warranty send it in for repair. If not you need to get a new hard drive. In the mean time just use your Thumb Drive as your main Hard Drive until you get a new HDD. I pretty much can guarantee this is your problem. But you have to check it with a thumb drive to be sure. Also I appreciate your thoroughness but you might want to keep the posts a little shorter because people will not take the time to read a post that big and that is why you have received no replies. Please keep us updated. Good Luck

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