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Hey guys,

I have done a bit of googling and I am still a bit unsure of what you can do regarding increasing HD space. I am gathering more games than I have anywhere near enough time to play on the 360 with having the X1 too. Some of the GwG appeal and I would like to download them but my little 60 gig HD is stuffed full.

Until it dies it is still an older, chunky HDMI/beige, model. I am looking on Ebay and HD's range up to 320gb which would be ideal, some are also 250gig. I assume most of the offerings are not official especially the larger HD's. The larger the better but I am not wanting to get banned for not having an official one. I am not sure if this is an issue now you can use USB pens and such? I could probably search for official and get a 120gb one but the price difference is minimal for such a difference in volume.

I don't play multiplayer anymore following years of MMO/guild running. But I don't want my account compromised. What would you suggest?


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The above item is an official 250GB hard drive. No worries about getting banned I you use one of these. I have one on my own 360. Not sure if the above link will work properly as I'm posting on my iphone.

Hope this helps.

Cheers mate, I didn't think that was an official one but I have seen it. I guess if they have 100% feedback the buyer didn't get banned no matter which auction!

No worries mate. The hard drive on the old boxes sit on top of the unit if you have it standing up. There's a little grey button you press to release it, and what you'll be holding is the device you saw on the eBay link. I bought mine in store from GAME. I paid more for it, but it eliminates the risk of unofficial units, and there's always the store guarantee to fall back on if something goes wrong. Mine is still going strong several years later!