If you're worried I'm going to put names and such in this, you're wrong. I read your how to avoid being harassed message and let me tell you I've followed most of the steps and it hasn't stopped in a couple of years.

I've filed complaints on every gamertag he's made but he keeps making new ones. Now the worst part is that he's giving our tags to randoms and telling them we like to do sexual things on xbox so the messages never really stop. He's sent me messages telling me to ****.

I called the hotline to ask what I was supposed to do about that. They told me to call the police. I called the police. The police told me to call my ISP. What good is that going to do? My ISP does not track xbox live messages, xbox live does. This is a serious issue because the police aren't up to date on anti cyber bullying processes. They have no idea what I'm talking about when I try to explain. Plus they tell me since he's in a different state even if there were charges brought against him they'll never extradite him. That kills the whole point of just trying to make it stop.

The only step I haven't taken to make this stop is to make my voice and text communications friends only. The reason I don't do this is because I enjoy making friends over xbox live that play the same games as me and aren't trash talking jerks. I'm the victim here, if you want to call me that, and I shouldn't have to stop enjoying playing because of someone who wont grow up and move on.

I figure this really wont help anything. Actually I'm betting it gets deleted for being in the wrong forum or whatever, but I needed to get this out and feel like I was doing something productive that didn't include filing complaints on dirty messages that never seem to get answered or stop anything. Thanks for your time, whoever does read this. I'm sorry it's whiney but after two years of constant harassment I'm ready to pull my hair out and throw my xbox out the window. I'm just a sixty dollar a year subscription that I know xbox doesn't need but...gosh dang.


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I was being sincere when thanking VoteDC for pointing out how old the thread was. I was also just pointing out to Bizarrow that there is no reason to be rude by calling me a noob Ambassador because we all were new at some point! :)

One more thing, I don't post for EXP or whatever, I post because I love being active on forums. I do apologies for bumping an old thread and it won't happen again.


Seeing as all you have been doing for days is digging up old threads and repeating the same info that others have posted, i am guessing you think you are getting ambassador XP for doing so,you`re not.

Also well done on being rude to long time, well respected forum users like votedc and bizarromantis, i am sure you are going to last long here.

Oops, my bad. Thanks for the info and @BizarrowMantis, we all are noobs at some point. Maybe you should learn some manners and then come back to the forums :)

He's a noob ambassador.  Sigh.  

I'm sure we all appreciate your desire to help but bumping near two year old threads is not the way to go about it.

Block Communications and File a Complaint and allow the Enforcement Team to do their jobs from there. :)

Just like to point out that none of the suggestions mentioned will stop him from giving out the OP's tag to strangers and encouraging them to engage in vulgar behavior, which OP stated was happening too, I believe.  As for him messaging the OP, and thinking that setting communications to "Friends Only" will stop him, will he even know?  That is, will he get a message stating "message can't be sent" or will it simply not reach the OP?  And in either case, if he's fixated enough to drag this out for two years, what makes anyone think he'll grow tired of it and move on if he can't reach them for just a couple months?  Sorry, but I think some people aren't taking this nearly seriously enough.

Settings > Privacy > Change Settings > Customize > Voice and Text > Friends only. That should stop any messages coming to you from accounts that isn't on your friend list.

I highly doubt that he will lose interest in harassing her if she change the privacy settings on incoming messages/friend requests. Seeing as he has created new accounts whenever she blocks communications with him, what would stop him if his messages doesn't get through? He will probably just look for another way of harassing her.

If I was a cop overseeing this case, I'd ask the person if they did everything in their power to prevent contact with the individual. Thus, Changing a gamertag, Blocking communication, Filing a complaint, Setting Privacy Settings, etc., are all within the user's control to prevent the user from harassing them further.

While yes, the user is making a minor sacrifice, its nothing major in the large scheme of things. However, if the user wishes to not do so, Then the only other option is:

A. Contact Xbox Customer Support (Which they'll probably say the same suggestions I just did)


B. Contact the police & your ISP.

There isn't anything else that can be done other than that.

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