Ok there is this boy [mod removed] he is harassing me and he say that he loves me and send <3 and everything and asked me where i lived and i said i ain't telling you and i was just wanting to let yall know to watch out cause he don't even know me and he is 20 years old and i'm 11 and he was saying all kinds of stuff then he would talk normal then he would talk spanish or something saying bad stuff and says his name is Jose and i don't know him and he didn't have no right saying anything to me if he didn't know me and he is sending a website saying it gives u free microsoft point and i didn't try it and i don't want you either so don't do it make sure u stay away from him he is trouble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Am I the only one noticing more complaints about perverts on Live lately?

Definitely block him.


Also you can check here to report and see how that all works.  Avoid any free MS point anything and tell your parents.



How to Block Communications, Avoid, and Mute Just in case you may not know how to do as Biz suggested.

[quote user="kenzie1diamond"] he is 20 years old and i'm 11 [/quote]

I would also suggest telling your parents what has happened.

Just delete and block him