harassment and wont leave me alone!

Ive been DDossed, harassed, and threatened to be hacked. I need someone to put an end to this. Please reply or some sort of way to end this


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Report the them from your console,submit a negative review and block communications.

Its all you can do. No one on here can help. As for the ddos attack you should (after following the instructions above) call your Internet provider for a new ip address. That is a crime and you can take legal action. (Though im not sure how)

I would much rather have this user banned! I've talked to a ambassador before (for the same reason) and he banned the guy

Ambassadors are merely community members, fellow gamers and Xbox users who've been around long enough to know the answer to a few frequent questions, and want to help the community out.  Being ambassadors does not grant one the ability to ban users.  There is currently but one formal process for filing a report about a player who is violating the Terms of Use.  The console's built-in menu system.  Any actions taken will be decided by the Xbox Policy & Enforcement Team only after they have conducted their own thorough investigation.  Reports are NOT filed through the forums, regardless of what anyone may have told you, or even prior experiences.

I've been getting hate messages on xbox and id like to know if you can change my gamer tag please. Thanks for your time.

You can change your gamertag whenever you want,here's how support.xbox.com/.../change-xbox-live-gamertag

You do have to pay,you will not get it changed for free.

Just block comms & report anyone sending you harassing messages via your console.

Huh yeah I think its best too just block the person and fill out an report.

no offense i getting threatened all the time that im gonna get hacked or banned if i keep beating people on call of duty, cuz im a girl cant help it i have my games im good im bad it dont matter but ive been threatened even in mw2 cuz all i did was noobtubed. :) but yeah put negative review block him and write his gamertag down and call up Microsoft sometimes they put a note that you did all that and enforcement team gets a nudge about said person. just tell them your scared to lose your acct