Harassment and Racism

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These 4 players are very racist towards black people. They also like to mention how superior white people are and say the like to recognize the KKK

and when ever a black player tells them anything they tell them that  if they met them in real life that they " would kill them on site just for being [Removed by Moderator - Profanity]"

is what they pretty much said word for word. And kept spouting out derogatory racist comments. Its players like this that should have console bans.

As I was told is that they have each already had been banned once or twice each and just bought a new gamertag. Cant they just be console banned.

No one needs the likes of players like them saying stupid things like that all the time.


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Your not allowed to post their Gamertags on the forums. It's against the ToS. You need to report them.


However, I am suspect about your post. Who told you they have been banned before? It certainly would not have been anyone working for MS.



File gamer complaint via console, block contact and mute

Hate to break it to you but blacks on XBL are just as bad.  Can't punish one race of idiots and not the others in my opinion.  To be honest this is one of the main reasons why I don't voice chat on XBL anymore because it seemed anytime I was on it for every 3 lobbies out of 5 that I would be in I would be called a racist hick just because I have an accent.  I guess if you are from anywhere south of the Ohio River you must be racist, right?  People are stupid.

People are getting more vicious and hateful everywhere.  I posted a pretty standard comment on youtube that was pertaining to a video I saw about a group of motorcyclists and an SUV and I got called names and had my life threatened.  As I scanned down the comments it was all hate.  There was no intelligent discussion going on.  Hate, namecalling, wishing people dead, etc.  Anonymity has made monsters of us.  

HardRecoil is correct, you should simply mute any of the players that were being racist / vulgar, file a complaint / submit a bad player review and if you had received any messages from those players, upon opening the message you should block communications. However I hate to break it to you, this behavior tends to continue on Xbox Live and it is not only white people who tend to use racist comments. I myself have witnessed both black & Asian players shouting racist comments at each other in game lobbies. No particular race is worse than the other.

i bet the most racism-talk comes from stupid kids who just want to provoke.

So maybe MS should ask themselves "do they want the possibility that kids play online without be checked from their parents...?"

MS can't be our parents.  Our parents need to be our parents.  (well not mine because I'm an adult, but you get my point.)

I agree - i dont want MS to be the parents from someone. Wouldnt be nice if the parents took all the money from the kids :-)