Hands-On Impressions: Xbox One

So I was fortunate enough to go to the Tokyo Game Show over the weekend, and was luckily able to get some hands-on time with a controller demo, Forza 5 and Ryse. The line for Titanfall was 150 minutes long when I first got there, and they cut the line at 3 hours, so I unfortunately wasn't able to get hands-on with that... I'm hoping that this thread can be a place for people who have been able to get their hands on actual hardware to answer questions or give impressions to other forum members. 

So I guess I'll start with hardware, followed by individual games.

Hardware: The box actually doesn't look as big as I expected it to, and looks quite nice (even though they prohibited pictures of the units running demos or the demos themselves). The two-tone matte and liquid black is actually pretty appealing when coupled with the silver accent, and I'm looking forward to adding it to my entertainment system more so than before I had seen it in person. Of Interesting note, while the PS4 is definitely smaller, it gives the illusion of being a bit larger (even similar in thickness to the X1) because of the diagonal it presents as its facade. The controller is awesome. You can definitely tell the travel distance has been reduced on the ABXY buttons, the bumpers feel a bit more refined in their depression, and the sticks really feel nice with the grip they've added around the edge.  The incorporation of the battery pack definitely makes the backside more comfortable to hold and overall, it feels very similar to the 360 controller, but more refined. Xbox fans will be right at home and I'm sure will appreciate the small tweaks that improves on the best. Now, triggers and rumble. I definitely liked the depression of the triggers, which offer a little more resistance than the 360 controller, but feels like it adds more control, particularly in Forza. As for the rumble: I really like it. Like, really, really. It adds additional feedback that is awesome in Forza. That being said, the impulse triggers' vibration felt a bit hollow or loose when compared to the main vibration. Not sure if this is because of the size of the rumble motors, or maybe a byproduct of being a pre-release controller, but I'm hoping they can tighten it up and make it feel a bit better before release. Granted, this is grasping for something to find wrong with the controller, but is one of those minor things that will hopefully be improved. 

Demos: Forza and Ryse. Forza is, well, Forza, If you like racing games, this is a must-buy. The game looks great, plays great, and made excellent use of the impulse triggers. I drove the McLaren on Laguna Seca, and it was as great as any other Forza game I've played. Ryse was the more interesting experience because it's a new IP. They had a multiplayer demo, where you worked cooperatively with another person in a gladiator-like arena. I'm not sure if they were LAN or XBL, but the action remained incredibly smooth throughout the demo. The gameplay is actually deeper than I had expected it to be, and player movements are so fluid from one move to the next. I was genuinely impressed. There was a good variety of enemies that required different tactics, and some individuals could even prove a challenge to me and my teammate ganging up on them without feeling rigged. Between the E3 video of single player, and my experience with multiplayer, this game has become even more likely a launch-day title for me (Forza was in the bag, and I'm debating if I can afford both Watch Dogs and Ryse, and have been going back and forth on which I will get if I can only sneak one in addition to Forza). 

As far as the graphics are concerned, I guess I may have been expecting a bit more. there were definitely some jagged edges and what not I didn't expect to be there with next-gen hardware, but this could also be because my nose was basically in a 50" TV. Even so, they are pretty dang impressive for launch titles, and I suspect we will see some truly great-looking games down the road. 

Who else has gotten hands-on time? What are your impressions? As far as I'm concerned, the hands-on time made me really glad that I secured my Day One Edition, and I may actually spring for the shipping to get Forza and/or Ryse on disc as opposed to going digital as planned. 


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I have not had hands on experience but just wanted to comment on the graphics. I think people will be disappointed because a lot of us are running 1080p now. Sure almost all of it is upscaled but it is still 1080p. So what will the Xbox One improvements be? Stable framerate is likely to be the main one.

Thanks for the feedback! Can't wait to get my hands on one.

I've also posted a thread on Amazon, and someone replied that there may have been bad calibration for the Forza demo, as it looked worse than the same demo at Gamescom... The action was velvety smooth, though.

Very nice read! I think Ryse looks great from everything I've seen...it's definitely my most anticipated title :D.

I'd like to add that the controller you were using was probably in the hands of hundreds of people before you for hours before you ever arrived - something was bound to not feel quite right, kind of like the controllers you would hold in your local Wal-Mart or something; it feels completely different than what you'd have at home.

As for Ryse, it's nice to hear some positive reactions towards it. I'm genuinely curious about it myself & am giving it the benefit of the doubt until it's released.

@Pyro Nice read on what you saw. Ive favourited the thread and ill post up here after the 5th October after ive been to the EB games Expo in Sydney. If lines are hours long i dont intend to play to much but ill be looking at the games and controllers on both Consoles.

@Galactic Geek: Your explanation would actually be somewhat worrisome to me. Seeing as the loose rumble was the only fault I could really find with the controller, it would suggest that wear on the impulse triggers is significantly more pronounced than on other parts of the controller. Seeing as it may also be my favorite feature (feeling wheel lock from acceleration or breaking is AWESOME), it would concern me that this feature would wear so quickly. I know what crappy controllers that have been used too much feel like - anyone who has played with a demo unit more than a year old does. Besides the loose rumble, the controller felt top-notch, which is why I am inclined to say it wasn't wear, and if it is, I would be very concerned.

Thanks for the info. Looking forward to giving X1 and PS4 a go this weekend at Digital Nationz in Auckland, NZ. Anyone else going?

Also have Big Boys Toys at start of November but guessing it'll have the same games.