Halo: Spartan **** Coming to Xbox One, Xbox 360

[quote]In a move that should surprise absolutely no one, Microsoft has announced that Halo: Spartan **** -- the top-down, twin-stick shooter previously exclusive to Windows Phone, Surface, and Windows 8 -- will be released as an Xbox One and Xbox 360 digital download this December. A price has not yet been confirmed.[/quote]



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this is not surprising to me having played the game. but pre playing the game i would have been surprised. honestly it just doesnt play all that well on a touch screen. it will be a very fun game on x1 and x360. i will definitely end up getting it as it should be around the $6.99 price it is on the phone. its possible they may boost it up to $19.99 to $29.99 and add cgi cutscenes and i think there were some bonus maps created. id go for the $19.99 price, but wait on the $29.99.

The extra missions from the Operation Hydra DLC are included.

[quote]The Xbox One and 360 versions will add the Flood as a new enemy along with online co-op and new co-op missions, weapons and armor abilities, Achievements, as well the five missions from the Operation Hydra DLC.[/quote]

I am happy this is coming to Xbox One otherwise I would have never of have gotten to play it. The extra features we will be getting makes it sound like a worthwhile purchase as the main issues with the original tablet version are the controls. Games like this play fantastically with control pads.

I'm most curious as to what graphical improvements we may see for the Xbox One version.

thanks for pointing that out. i just woke up and am still foggy. it may be worth the $29.99 price, possibly more. we will have to wait to see all the details. its definitely going to be more then $6.99.

Official Halo Waypoint page

Confirms that there will not be cross platform multiplayer (at the bottom of the page).

Well this will keep the Halo nuts ticking over until the next full installment comes out. I've never played it but heard it was well received bar the touch controls which let it down somewhat? So I guess this is the perfect solution really. Good news.

Yes it apparently played great with keyboard and mouse and I doubt the translation to control pad will be a bad one (should be pretty straight forward).

As stated, the only negatives really were the way the story was put forward and the touch controls. So With the additional content, new controls, and (hopefully) better graphics we should be on to a nice little treat come December.

Looks like Halo: Spartan Assault and Killer Instinct will be taking up my time over the Christmas period.

Here's a 1920x1080 screenshot from what I believe is the Windows 8 version...