HALO REACH quick question....

Hi OK so having never bought this game I decided to DL the demo and give it a try before I drop any coin. It started well enough till I hit the part where you must fly a ship and defend a base from attack...after 10 mins of this I went back to the dash sorely dissapointed and thanks at least to the demo I'll save myself £20.

I'm just wondering is that part of the game a one off occurance or are there any more of these stupid flying around in horrible aircraft parts in the game? If I had wanted to fly around shooting stuff I'd have bought Ace Combat, I always imagined Halo series to be an on foot type combat game, not spend half the bloody campaign flying round in vehicles


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the campain gd the space bit excellent once u played the first half of campain its not all space battles that if u think it is main ground assult then lol

Well this part of the game is the only bit in the game where you fly around. Infact it is the only time in the whole halo series when you do this. The rest of the campaign is pretty decent. The multiplayer is brilliant, i really enjoy it. Forge is fun, going about making maps and trying out maps. Custom games, when you can play with your friends on games made by people all around the world eg. cops and robbers. Halo Reach is one of the best games i have and i think the halo series is the best set of games ever. So in my opinion, you should get it.

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