Halo losing it's thunder

Multiple reasons why Halo: The Master Chief Collection will lose a large quantity of their fan-base.How it is, how it stands, the truth about Halo: MCC. Why hasn't anyone noticed these issues sooner?

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You can either stay loyal to 343, or remember what magic Bungie brought to us all.R.I.P Halo 2007


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All I'll remember Bungie for now is delivering the most repetitive game in history with Destiny. A game I enjoyed until I realised how repetitive and shallow the game is.

The thing about halo MCC is that 343i didn't need to even make it and bring it to X1. I'm glad they did for the campaign alone for the price they did. Yeah it was full of bugs and connection issues but really a good collection of halo games.

I'm really looking forward to halo 5 and the great story and gameplay that I know 343i will bring.

My effection  for Bungie us over.

"Destiny" was amazing on release and still played and enjoyed regularly by people who love gaming more than they love moaning on the Internet.

Playing "HALO: MCC" is like playing a poor man's "Destiny".

In fact why would anyone who hates "Destiny" for it's repetativeness jump to the defence of "HALO" which is even MORE repetative than "Destiny".

All you do in it is shoot guns at the Covenant.

Unfortunately "HALO" is suffering from "Flogged Dead Horse Syndrome".

People discovered the benefits of letting a field lay fallow back in the Middle Ages.  Titles like "HALO", "Assassin's Creed" and "Call of Duty" would all benefit massively from this treatment.

People might actually be excited about these titles because they wouldn't still be digesting the last 3 releases.

You don't want "HALO 5".  You just think you do.

I'd love for "HALO" to be great again but it's like that great new track you loved - listened to all the time - and eventually got sick of.

Ok dude. Lol

I can't stand the "Bungie vs 343" arguments but I can say sadly Halo 5 will be the first Halo Game since H2 way back on the Xbox I will not be picking up day one at release. It's a little case of too much too often in the case of Halo.

Bungie made one good game : Halo CE.....After that they just made sequels that looks like remakes....or remakes that looks like sequels....

But hopefully,Bungie won't do anymore Halo games....

343 knows how to write a story,they like to take risks,make changes.....343 got ideas & guts.

And can't wait to play Halo Guardians.

Halo 4 was my favorite Campaign in the series..

Really looking forward to 5!

I was bored of Halo after 3. I couldn't finish Reach or H4 because they were too boring. I will check out H5 though.


I lost interest after Halo 3, I did try Reach and 4 but barely touched them tbh. So I probably won't bother with 5.

As for Destiny........what a massive waste of my money that was. I'm just glad I'm not one of the suckers who got hooked and are now paying through the nose for every tiny bit of extra content.

[quote user="RippenHarra"]

Ok dude. Lol


Looks like I was right.


For me the MCC is awsome for the campaign. I don't play alot of online shooters . The only game in the MCC that I'd beat was H4 so I finally started from the begining of the series and I love the campaign. The price was great for this eipic collection.

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