Halo Limited Edition Owners! Controller Xbox Issues Out of Warranty

I have a problem, my problem is not just my own, but my brother-in-law who also bought a halo 4 limited edition console almost 10 months ago. In short, all 4 of our controllers ( it came with two) Have completely crapped on us, either stopped working, or buttons have broken/ unresponsive. His console has been sent in to repair, and my console randomly, cant find wireless, dvd drive refuses to work, (but since it's not a consistent problem, microsoft sees it as there is no problem..... )  I've scoured the web and found a small amount of people that have had bad experiences with this same console. 

The problem? Well My controllers only have 90 day warranties, so getting them fixed is completely out of the question as microsoft has a strong stance againts free repairs when the warranty is invalid. Or if the product is working 100% when it gets there, (as if time without my xbox isnt punishment enough). I am trying to get as many people who have had more bad experiences (which maybe hopefully are still out there on the webs searching for this problem, or others, to show microsoft that the production quality of this bundle was very poor! and it's unfair to have sand thrown in our eyes because our products (barely) made it passed the warranties.


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Exact same thing happend to me. At least they could do something to mediate the problem.

No warranty on controllers.  they are not fixed, just replaced if defective when new.  You just have to buy a new one. Sorry.  GOOD LUCK!!!

Not true What is the warranty period for Xbox 360 consoles and accessories?

The warranties are:

Xbox 360 console: One year

Original Xbox 360 console with three flashing red lights or error E74: Three years from the console purchase date (not applicable to the Xbox 360 E console or Xbox 360 S console)

Kinect sensor: One year

Accessories: One year


MS has overhauled their warranty site, myservice.xbox.com . Try using that to create a service request.

Note that MS apparently now considers anything in the box that wasn't the console chassis proper to be an accessory. You may be able to fight that on the HDD front (without a HDD the console doesn't function), but they probably have you on the controller front since that's something you manhandle on a regular basis.

The good news is that MS has replacement Halo 4 controllers (the ones that came with the console) available for order as an accessory. The bad news is that they're $59.99 a pop.

P.S. I put extended warranties on my consoles, just in case. My Halo 4 console has a two year warranty extension. It doesn't expire until early 2016.

As my post above and the link I posted points out accessories are covered for one year. Well at least in the UK they are

And if you change the GB in the URL to a US, you'll see Accessories are only covered for 90 days. That a the point of contention - are "accessories" items that are included in the console kit, or are they stand-alone devices? One can argue that the HDD in a console kit is not an accessory as without a storage device the 360 does not function properly. Controllers and headsets are a little more nebulous.


Same with my Halo Reach controllers.On my Gears3 controllers the bumpers quit working.

same thing happened to me with both the controllers the base where the battery pack sits is cracked on both sides so the battery doesn't fit snug. had to rubberband both battery packs in . plastic crap.