Halo Escalation comic teases Halo 5 plot details


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I didn't read the link, but the plot of Halo 5&6 is obvious to anyone that played 4. John & Cortana has been turned into a love story, but shes "dead". Halo 4 featured a race that can convert living tissue into digital format. So halo 5 will be full of chief hearing snippets of her voice, ala halo 3 e3 trailer, and halo 6 she gets turned into a real person.

The 0G Silvers out to make the plot of Halo like the plot of Knack today.

I have a suspicion Chief will make endeavours to retrieve Cortana by visiting the Absolute Record (possibly Mendicant Bias) which may have a way to retrieve the AI. In the trailer, we see a new version of a War Sphinx, a Seeker. I suspect, however, that the Covenant will be seeking a way to use it to their benefit and Jul M'dama will chase up Chief most of the way through the story. And guess who will be settled in and around the Absolute Record? The flood.

Interesting theory, Duck - but I have no idea what you're saying even means... War Spinx? Seeker? Absolute Record? Mendicant Bias? :P

Thanks Lofty!

I have to say after the conclusion of H4 I am really excited for H5. I loved the new direction but if Duck ends up being right about the flood, my house will see me do cartwheels. I miss them. Especially the small crawly squishy ones lol.

I have a feeling Cortana will fall into the wrong hands first though, that's just a guess.

@ Virtual

I was saying something similar in another Halo thread a while back... Mendicant Bias will be there for sure... I think your theory is pretty good, and always suspected that Cortana would easily be able to be fixed by Forerunner AI. I'm hoping for more Forerunners to come out, possibly Bornstellar? I haven't read Silentium as yet, it's on the cards, just waiting til closer to 5 to get the synapses firing... So I could be way off... I am geeking out hard right about now!

Dr halsey (sorry can't spell her name) is alive she made cortana and she can do it again seeing as Cortana is made round her she prob even kept a back up of all of her

I haven't read the comics (yet) so I am way out of my depth compared to you knowledgeable people so a lot of these names are just past my comprehension lol.

Cant wait in till Halo 5.Every one said Halo 4 suck but I love it along with reach and Halo 3.

The campaign of Halo 4 was excellent, but the MP was less than OK. In another game I would praise it, but a pedigree of Halo's needs to be EXCELLENTLY BRILLIANT.

Halsey is in Jul M'dama's ship, and she wants revenge according to Spartan Ops' ending cutscene. Whether this is a plot or she really wants it, is yet to be seen.

Bornstellar Didact has no place in the Halo story really and I would like to drop the magical explanations of Halo and ground it in the story and science again.

The Absolute Record of All Things is the full name GG, for a record left in combination with the Janus Key, of which part is in Halsey's possession and part in Thorne's. Mendicant Bias is a monitor that supposedly went mad with information, but I suspect that is a cover story as you only hear through rumours. A War Sphinx is a war machine of the Forerunners' that could "wipe out continents in seconds" but it is now wildly out-dated. A Seeker is the most up to date version of the War Sphinx and can wipe away entire Solar Systems with one pulse, but is more suited to obliterating planets. The pulse that brings back Chief's hood in the trailer is the weakest it can produce and is used to remove primitive systems of disguise like cloaks.

Don't quiz me on my Halo.

See I never really played MP on any Halo.

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