Halo Combat Evolved

Hi I am just asking where has my Halo CE gone? I purchased and downloaded it a couple of years ago and cant find it anywhere. I have never completed halo 1 and with a whole new trilogy coming out i wanted to check the original out. Any Help????


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Go to your download history and download it again.

To save me creating another thread on this, will the re-mastered version be on disk?


I hope so.

I also have HALO Comabt Evolved on my HDD, but I really don't like playing it because of the graphics.

I'm guessing so, as it will have 7 multiplayer maps from Halo: Reach.

The remastered version will be on disc. The game will have a feature to switch between original graphics and remastered graphics. According to 343's most recent podcast, the multiplayer component of the game will be playable (but not limited to) Halo Reach, meaning that when you buy Halo CE Anniversary brand new, you will receive a code to download the 7 multiplayer maps (6 Multiplayer, 1 Firefight) to your console, playable seperately through Reach.

Really looking forward to the release of the remade HD version of Halo CE. That was the only reason I bought an xbox in the first place.

Still use my original xbox every now and again and it`s as good as new.