Halo CE Anni Reach Maps

Got the code out the CE box to play the CE maps on Reach, was on X360A and saw 10 new cheevies for Reach which are from the CE maps and it says 1200msp

Since I have this code does that mean I've got this DLC?

Not that I actually have Reach but I do have intentions to buy.


Also, when did CE come out? Internet says today but it was in my local Tesco from Friday, picked it up yesterday for a grand total of £2.70 due to Tescos surprisenly great trade in prices.


Quite amazing when you press the back button and see the original Halo graphics, I remember the day the original Xbox came out and I stopped up until 4am at my mates house playing Halo CE, we thought those graphics were great which they were but just shows how much technology has come along in the last decade.

I'm not usually a big Halo fan but always liked CE so loving playing it again, especially remade.


Hows everyone else finding it?


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Im still in two minds as to whether to pic this up as i still have the original Halo in my collection,can anyone who picked this up on the high st let me know what price it is selling at please

Game is  £34.99 but I'm sure the supermarkets were selling at £29.99, only I phoned my local Asda to find they didn't have any copy's in today.

I picked halo ce anniversary today and only paid £10.49 as traded in BF3 and Forza 3

tesco £27.70, good price tbf.

its identical to original as far as im aware, everything is in same place, same things happen etc.

i like chopping and changing between new graphics and xbox graphics just to see the difference. quite a kool feature. once ive done my normal playthrough i might do legendary just using xbox graphics to relive the magic.