Halo 5 LIVE!

Halo 5 is now playing LIVE!

Watch it now while you still can before tomorrow's official release!


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Watching now.  

Watching now it's quite the event.

I watched it for the enjoyment of it at 1st, but then they started given away codes for D copies of the game. Which I tried 2b the 1st to enter. But just could not type fast enough I guess. Then they began putting in question marks and yet again. I wasn't fast enough going from A - Z and 0 - 9 in over 20 tries.

Oh well, I am happy for the people that were quick enouh and hope they enjoy every aspect of the game. and/or REQ packs.  

Electro, even though it was "live" there still could've been a delay of anywhere to a few seconds to a few minutes from their broadcast. If so, then that could EASILY ruin any chance you have of putting in a code.

It's out now?! I thought it would be releasing next month. I'll get it tomorrow. I did catch 2 friends playing it today. Dibs on if it has a day one 15GB Xbox Live Update and broken multiplayer, something which Halo MCC unfortunately experienced at launch.

@Smiles, fortunately the multiplayer works like it should at least it has for me so far and the people I have played with.  Now I will say that if you buy a physical copy then you will have a 9 GB patch that will have to download before you can play online.

No problems here so far multiplayer-wise other than the occasional lag stutter, which actually wasn't that bad.