Halo 5 Guardians: E3 Hololens Experience

This stuff i can get into



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That thing is going to bomb just like the Kinect did.  3D did not take off because people did not want to wear the glasses.  Who is going to want to wear something on their head out of a Tron movie in order to get essentially the same effect as 3D except enhanced a lot more. Do not get me wrong it is an awesome concept and I want it to work, but it will go the way of Kinect within a year considering it also has already been stated in multiple articles online that the thing will cost more than the Xbox One system itself.  Do a search for Holo Lense cost and you will see.

Yet still cheaper than my phone which I buy every year.

Finally a Halo thread....(bored with the BC bs).

For me,so far,the big revolution in Halo is 24 players/bigger map/Warzone...A real surprise.

Game looks great...Hololens might be a cool feature,will see.

Im excited for it for sure cant wait to get hands on with it

Yeah, not going to throw away money on that.

Why can't they just make good Games?

@LostKauz did you miss e3 or just trolling if u did watch e3 then you know about all the great games shown an coming out this year and if your just trolling well its pretty sad time to grow up now

We already know we're getting great games. Hololens is just icing on the cake. Stop moping and take a slice and enjoy it. Otherwise, leave the party - we're having too much fun here celebrating to have you guys crash our party. ;)

Yeah, I watched it and no I am not Trolling. Bethesda ran off with the show followed by another Company that is not MS.

All I saw from MS was a few played out Titles. They're losing 3rd Party Support and Games left and right. Those that are still Multi-plat perform better elsewhere and I'm not talking about PC either.

I am a Gamer, I go where the Games are and swear no loyalty to any Company. I have said this since 2005 on these Forums (well the old Forums) and MS is really hurting with this Gen. Maybe in another 5-8 years they will figure out where they went so wrong.

Id love to know how u get them badges talking like u are Lost. Microsoft won E3 30 mins in sony on the other hand looked lost, not a single game coming this year unless its a multiplate. im glad xbox lost the COD deal means more money for other stuff. Sony had to splash the cash on timed exclusive stuff because they have nothing otherwise. Bethesda didnt win anything so they showed fallout 4 so what they showed it at the microsoft E3 aswell and mod support

N7, your Reply is Ad Hominem. Badges not equal worship.

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