Halo 4 Spoilers?

It's more than 6 months away and I'm already having to try really hard to avoid getting too much info.

"LA LA LA LA!" *sticks fingers in ears and shuts eyes* "LA LA LA!"


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Well luckily a whole bunch of the information is about MP, little bits about the SP which like you, I want to discover as I play the game rather then laid out for me in the months leading up to release


But avoiding news is possible, I managed to do it for Mass Effect 3 and playing it now literally discovering everything for the first time as didnt know anything about it going in...other then an angry reaction to the ending which I will see for myself soon enough lol


HALO 4 is massive for Xbox, its 343 taking over from Bungie doing a first "their version of game and story" so a lot will be talked about online and in gaming media

I'm now avoiding everything... EVERYTHING. Halo 3's campaign was spoiled for me I won't let that happen again.


The only thing I've seen is the announcement vid and the screenshots and that's enough of a tease for me.


Whats to spoil? Things shoot at you, you shoot back, ad infinitum. ; )

well, for one thing...the reason for all the shooting could be spoiled!

Multiplayer 'Spoilers' are irrelevant, and it seems too early for the campaign plot to be leaked, so I wouldn't worry too much about it.