Halo 3 is 2nd free games with gold for October

October's second free Xbox 360 game will be Halo 3, Microsoft's Major Nelson have just announced.

Bungie's sci-fi shooter will be available to download for free from 16th October, following the previously-announced Might & Magic Clash of Heroes.

Halo 3 was first revealed as one of the titles to be included in the promotion back at E3, although no date was given until now.



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Already have it like many others... Great game though specifically the multiplayer aspect.

A great game for late adopters of the 360,but most people who had an Xbox when this was released will have played it.

If player count goes up, I might activate a gold trial or create a gamertag to play some matchmaking.  Would be nice if they included all DLC, that way more people would be able to try BTB.

Im sure you need all the map packs to play Halo 3 online now without them you wont get into any playlsts

I think you can play Social Slayer without the DLC.

Oh well it could be worse.

I've never played Halo 3. So I'm looking forward to playing it .