Halo 2 re-release please!

So when will we see an updated Halo 2 like we saw with the original? Better graphics and system link support would be a big selling point. It was done for the original and 2 was a better game and more challenging. I am sure there would be more than enough sales as most who bought the original Halo 2 would be keen for the updated one.

Microsoft/343 can you get the ball rolling?

Oh and don't forget to add firefight in...VERY disappoint Halo 4 didn't have it.


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There are already rumours that it's in the works for November this year.

I never really was too keen on H2 but if a remake came out and they didn't change anything and added Firefight like you suggest, I may be swayed in opinion. Zen is correct that there are rumours so who knows, we might hear something at E3

I am also predicting Halo 2 by the end of the year.  Then Halo 5 in 2015.   There is no way Halo 5 will release this year.  So that leaves Halo 2 anniversary.

I think people are going to be disappointed with a Halo 2 remake.

The thing that people seem to most fondly remember is the multi-player and face it, are they really going to recreate that perfectly or are they going to use it to beta test the system that is going to be in Halo 5.

I found the campaign very short and didn't play any multiplayer on Halo 2. I remember being very upset it wasn't longer.

Fair point there vote. They could well use it as a tester for the next instalment. A lot of this lays in what is going to be unveiled at E3 and I would assume that if H2 was in the making that they would announce it then. I said this somewhere else but there is a lot riding on X1 for this E3 so I hope they deliver well.

I am looking forward to playing the co-op campaign online.   My very first experience ever with the Halo franchise was with Halo 2.    I only played the campaign 1 time solo and really had no idea what was going on.   After that I was introduced to the Halo 2 matchmaking multiplayer and fell in love! It was the first experience I had online where a system matched you to other players of your skill level.  If you had bad games your skill level went down.  If you had good rounds it went up.  Eventually you balanced out.  Just brilliant!!  Eventually hackers and cheaters destroyed the online experience so I am not interested in playing the Halo 2 online again, unless they make sure cheaters cant ruin the experience again.


With that said I would really like to go through the co-op campaign with friends online and check out the experience I missed. Especially if they add 3d like they did with Halo CE anniversary.  I know I could appreciate the H2 campaign now that I have played all the other Halos.  

Now before i'm going to say what i`d like to say i`m going to put on my master chief armor on so all the rocks your throwing at me will deflect from my body armor. I`m a halo fan I`ve got all of the halo game series. Here is my list of the halo game series i`ve got.

Halo: combat evolved 
Halo 2
Halo 3 
Halo wars 
Halo 3: odst 
Halo: reach 
Halo: combat evolved anniversary
Halo 4 
Halo: spartan assault

I`d like to see the halo 2 Re-Make have the following listed below.


Medals and Commendations like in Halo Reach. Fire Fight like they did with Halo 3: odst, the other firefights in the halo series is not the same as in Halo 3: odst. Forge World "Create your own Challenges on the halo 2 maps" such as "Get the Skull and kill 50 grunts". Able to play Co-op On Xbox Live with a friend and make a "Search Engine" To find people playing the Campaign like in Halo Reach, Most important, don't bugger it up like halo: combat evolved - anniversary!. 

I`m hoping that they take this re-make "seriously" for halo 2 unlike they did with the re-mastered halo: combat evolved - anniversary. Oh boy, do not even get me started, there were so many "bugs" and "glitches" with that Re-Make. Yes the graphics was amazing to experience with a HUGE DIFFERENCE so granted, But it came at a price. Have you attempted to play co-op campaign On Xbox Live Or Split Screen on halo: combat evolved - anniversary?.

The lag and delay is unbearable and unplayable. It`s not your "internet connection" it`s the game itself so do not even bother clearing your Xbox 360 system cache or installing the game to your HDD. There is no "fix" or "patch" they just abandoned it. Way to go 343 industries!.  -_-

See I am kinda split in two for that PR1NCE.

I think its a great idea and if it moves forward it will be a nice catch for those who want more for the remake but at the same time, there are a bunch that prefer it for its simplicity.

We can only beg and plead for a re-release. Halo 2 was an amazing game. They will definitely overcharge for it though if they do go through with it.

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