had enough of this crap service

hi i have been a customer from day dot, buying xbox live, missing days here missing days there, so actually you do not get the full amount of xbox live that you pay for, i have discussed it with Microsoft and they say look in the terms and conditions it says if xbox live basically goes down they will not reimburse you which that is theft, i have 4 xbox's in this house that the kids play so cost a bit of money, problems with xbox live, chatting to your friends in a party, get disconnected from the party, being signed out of xbox live, go to play a game and it says you are not connected to xbox live. i have really had enough of this I THINK ALL GAMERS SHOULD GET TOGETHER AND SUE THE BACKSIDE OFF OF THIS COMPANY THEY FAILED!!  you do not care about your customers, lies after lies, i think people are growing wise to this. look at xbox one first time it came out at christmas kids couldn't even play it christmas day microsoft you are a disappointment! i have lots more to say but cannot put in here as i will get banned! i will not be renewing my xbox's live accounts anymore as i think the service you pay for is far from good enough.                                  


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most likely your internet that is the issue, things happen when online, the internet is basically on its knees at the moment.

This is wrong they take my hard earned then make you jump through hurdles when its a problem on their end if i dont pay i cant play this has to stop ive been going through this for months

What problems?

The last time the servers where completely down was xmas day for a few hours after the ddos attack.

I pay £23 per year & that price hasn't increased since I've been on live.

I now get 4 free games per month on top of that,yes,there's the odd service alert but live is never totally down.

I'd say that's very good value for money.

If it bothers you that much I suggest trying out PSN for a bit,although it's better than it was it's nowhere near as good as xbox live.

Considering that the servers haven't been down in over 2 months, I'd say you need to cut them some slack. Also, why do you own 4 Xbox's? You only need one!

ok maybe i shouldn't have used the word theft, but, theres loads of problems so stop making out there isn't. it's been four hours so far and thats just today! plus all the other hours xbox live goes down i'm not saying a whole day but all the hours add up! simple maths! and i already said in my last post about compensation in the terms and conditions not allowed, its not the way a company should be run in my opinion.

How is it theft ? It clearly states in the ToU that you agreed to that Microsoft are under no obligation to compensate you if there is a disruption in the service.,That is not theft.

What happened xmas day happened on xbox live & PSN & was out of Microsofts & Sony's control.

Live was back up & running within hours,PSN wasn't.

I have been on xbox live since 2003 & can only ever remember once that it was down for at least a day,that was in 2007 I think.

Yes,there have been more issues than usual lately but not as bad as you make out.