Well i was playing mw2 and i had got a invite to a game and I joined, played him, beat him and he got mad and said I am going to boot you off line. Within 30 seconds the internet went down, not just the xbox the whole entire internet. We called XBox support and they told me to restart my router. After doing so ,I was able to connect again. The hackers gamer tag is [Mod Removed]


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trust me if you get dos attacked i used to use a program called cain and able on my pc it told me which devices were connecting to my xbox via the internet all you then have to do is go on your router page check the logs find the dos attacks occuring @ the time the kid attacked you check on cain and abel contact your isp and file a formal cybercrime report with the IC3 or FBI >the kid if hes underage will be in juve for quite awhile or his parents will and can be sued by you or the government  lol !!

Firstly, Do not name and shame on these forums.

Block and file a complaint.