He is Apparently Hacking 15th on Black ops and he needs to be banned and the hack needs to be patched


here is a proof pic.. Please Ban him.



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all your gonna get is messages saying don`t name and shame,your wasting your time.

You are not allowed to name and shame on the forums.

First of all, file a complaint via the Xbox, the XBL PET will investigate it and take appropriate action. Then block communications with the user so that he cannot send you any more messages. Do not send him any messages as that will unblock him.

Finally avoid him as a player so that you are not matched up with him in the future. 

oh I just replied the this same thread in the xbox live forum.

You can't name and shame but you can happen to post a picture.

However the key issue is

whats this op [link to google cache page not actual site]

I wonder who that is there ?

thems vidz arz sickz manz, bloody stupid if you ask me, we want realistic games then they hack it an turn it into some kind of hippy tricked farce.

lol @ DanceMasters game picture; looks like some German Porn cover!

I would say this is some one trying too scam points out of people because I believe there is still no hack been made as of yet for black ops. Well I frequent the black ops forums and am led to believe this is still not possible