My account was hacked by someone in russia since everything is in russian. Why doesn't xbox have a way of locking your windows live id to at least not allow movement to a foreign country option?

 Anyone here smart enough to tell me how it was hacked? have computer associates virus spyware and that. i did get a phising attempt but that came after the hack. no one has my info so at a loss there. why do they take up to 25 business days to fix all this also,even WOW didn't take this long.


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Hey there warlorejon,

Thats not good. Here is what to do in the event your Account has been Compromised: (This Content was extracted directly from Xbox.com's Xbox LIVE Account Security Section. (Found Here)

1. Change Password

When you suspect something suspicious has happened with your account, you should change your passwords immediately. Go to http://accounts.live.comand see if you can still log into your Windows LIVE account.

If you can, change your password immediately, under Account Information section and move to step 2.
If not then skip to Step 3.

2. Recover Account

Recovering the account invalidates any other copies of your Xbox LIVE profile that may be on someone else’s console. To learn how to do this click here.


3. How was it stolen?

Review the account theft types (Found Here) and see if you can identify possible causes. This information can be valuable for our support agents in getting your account back.


4. Call Support

Call Xbox supportto report the issue. We will guide you through the next steps. To help us, make sure you have the following information ready:

Do not report the issue via email support as we will need you to answer security questions over the phone.

Review Account Security Checklist

Become familiar with the security checklist so you know how to protect yourself in the future.


Please Reply to this Thread with additional Questions regarding this issue and be sure to see the Xbox LIVE Account Security section of Xbox.com:


Cheers! -"The Agent E"