Hi all, i went to sign into xbox live today, only to get a message saying my membership details weren't valid, or something along those lines. Managed to recover my account online to find it has been hacked, i'm gutted as i had 2900 points on there and they are all gone, cancelled my debit card too. My recent games is showing i have played fifa but i have never played fifa before, i have no idea where to go from here concerning future security or having any chance of recovering the points that i have lost.

Any help would be great



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get intouch with MS support it is a free number

Have you been to any phishing sites?

Game shared?

weak password combo?

same email PW combo as other sites that you use?

some seen your details a friend by recovering your account?

Does anyone eles have access to you account? brother, sister, son ect ect?

99% of cases it is one of the above!

Support is closed at the moment till tomorrow, i have changed my passwords and my secret question now. Nobody else has access to my account, will i be able to claim the points back? as it amounts to a fair sum of money

they will be able to trace the console and IP and also what other accounts are or have been on that console to which your account was recoverd, more than likley have to get the police involved as it is theft.

Get onto support first thing in the morning and take it from their.

Thankyou very much for the help

There's been some talk of this on Reddit and x360a... the feeling is that is EA that has been hacked and people who use the same password for their EA account and their XBox live account have been affected.. apparently ..everyone this has happened to has the same 3 acheievements unlocked on FIFA 12 and multiple purchases of Premium Packs or something? Could be also linked to the 93,000 Sony accounts that were flagged as well for unauthorised access.

It does say in my purchase history that i have bought "premium gold pack" and "gold pack"? I am not sure what they are, but i have gone from 2960 points to 0

yeah that's what I've read they do.. I'm assuming it's like DLC where they'll gain access to someones account, download these packs then it's saved on their hard drive but you're the victim.. I'd cancel your debit/credit card..change passwords and everything

I have done so thanks, just so frustrating, but i will phone support as soon as i can in the morning

hey on the bright side..you've lost 2900 points..but gained 15G for nothing!

Yerh, it'll be someone using your account to buy Ultimate team packs and then giving the cards to their own team on their gamertag.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

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