Hacked Internet Connection

My son was playing xbox live and another gamer threatened to shut down his internet if he did not give him players on fifa 14.

He ignored his threat and later our internet was shut down. 

How could this have happened? 


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Read through this page.

Wow, there some angry gamers out there with too much time on there hands!

What the heck...ok i am not geting gold

yes i know its march 26th 2016 and i too had my ip hacked while on gta v and has shut down my internet completly and ime holding microsoft accountable. paying customers shoyld not have to put up with this cyber terroism. Is all they tell u is contact ur service provider and have ur ip address changed. and they do nothing about the players that are doing it.  

DDoS attacks are illegal and your ISP is the one who will want to sort this out.

Microsoft have no way of telling what the issue is if it doesn't happen over Live.