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Hi guys, today i had my account hacked, and spoke to Xbox support who said they have locked my account and will have it up and running again within 25 days. What i don't understand is that if they have done this, why am i able to access my account  on my laptop and send you this post using that same account. Does this mean they haven't locked it afterall?


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No. That's the problem I had with my gamertag 'Naffynoo'. My brother got his account keylogged via Runescape, then whilst checking my e-mails at his house, my email account was stolen. I rang support and told them all the details they needed. Past passwords, my name, address, card details, secret question. But because I didn't have access to the secondary email address anymore they couldn't do anything. Best off just waiting to see what the investigation holds. If you get the account back, try and remove the old email and secure it all properly.

if you can access it change your passwords.

The same thing happened to a family members account a few days ago

I think a database has been breached be it facebook/ea or the likes
and they are blindly trying the dumped database to recover accounts
and people with the same password / email on both are being hit

She phoned me up to say she had just had an e-mai her password was changed
and an e-mail address was added + 5000 ms points where added via cc

I told her to drive straight home and change pass and recover the account
they managed to spend 1200 ms before she could recover it on fifa 12

lesson learned is dont use the same password for important stuff!!

I had her bring her laptop around later in the day and secured the account fully for her
this seems to be coming from china as the e-mail added was yeah.net

microsoft has locked the account down for upto 25 days now while they look into it

It was quite weird as while she was on the phone to me her account came online
and within a few mins it had started up fifa 12

I could have quite easliy started the recovery process on my console
before they managed to finish recovering it to kick them off the account
but tbh knowing the account would be investigated i didnt fancy recovering it
incase they mistakenly banned my console instead of the person who stole the account

she got back to her house just as they had started fifa 12 and i walked her through what to do
over the phone

so they only had about 5 mins on the account before she booted them off
all in all it could have been alot worse as she kicked them off after 1200 ms
since then i have been reading up on it on the web and some people have lost 10000/20000 ms and such

after looking at your achievement list i can guess what probably happened.

either you were trading on fifa 12 for your ultimate team and gave out account details,or using the credit glitch on forza 4 has somehow allowed someone access it also.

got 2 new friends added to my profile whilst in the hands of someone else, will be reporting that tomorrow

yes but every time the account is removed from the harddrive and re added it is deleted... someone doesnt know there stuff :(

That's right NAFFRY, xbox support has confirmed this. On recovering my account, which i shouldn't have been able to do since they said they had locked it. Now i can't change my windows id password on my pc cos they want to send a reset to my old redundant email address. Can i change the password on my xbox thus avoiding this issue with my old email address?

You have 15G for Fifa 12, and the only 2 achievements are make an UT team, and then open an UT team card pack. Did you do this? If not, I'd check your account purchases because you've more than like had your account stolen to purchase MSP, and then UT cards.

i don't have fifa, but yes someone hacked my account spent all my points on some FIFA12 DLC  this has happened to several others apparently.I haven't given out any details.  I've been on the recieving end of this glitch on FM4 where T10 has given in error 1 billion credits which i'm waiting for them to take them away

Have you made sure to check they haven't purchased for points than you originally had?

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