Habitat Xbox One first look - turn the Final Frontier into an exploding LEGO set


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Looks good.

Interesting title, Looks promising, hope they do decide to add an mp/co-op mode to it though

Mp/co-op would be good.

I see a few calling this the next Minecraft lol

If its like minecraft im out, another game that would promote nap time

It does look pretty interesting but I agree on the Minecraft comparison. Not sure I would get it straight away but I wouldn't refuse a future play if the cost was right.

I'm just glad it's another game that looks a little different from the normal, variety is the spice of life :)

On behalf of the Xbox forum community I'd like to thank you for this informative post, after being busy breathing oxygen all week and providing for my family and cat I don't have time to look for gaming news and really appreciate being able to come here and read up on everything I missed.

Great xbox post ;-p

Game does look good though and as others have said it's nice to have something different. 


LOL!!   Nice one Codger!


As for the game, funny enough I saw another Minecraft like game being spoken about in the recent weeks and that one looked pretty fair too. Wonder if all these new entries will make the MC devs implement more stuff like rounded surfaces ect..