gymkhana sprint

been playing dirt 3 great game but the gymkhnana sprint is very very hard does any one else find this? i think the gymkhnana events ruin the game a wee bit any tips on how to deal with this event? and do you know if they have to be completed to finish the game/? cheers


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Oh no. A challenge. The bane of modern gamers

Just keep at it mate , took me ages to get platinum but what helps is that you can drive over the inflatable pole that makes the gate which can save you a few seconds in a corner.


Although i havent got to the Gymkhana Sprint yet, i have done a couple of the Gymkhana events and i do agree that they do spoil the game and i find them a hinderance. I love the rally and race events but these events just bore me to tears.

On a differnt note I AARON I, how do you get to upload a 40 second youtube video? When i upload the maximum i get is 30 seconds?!?

I actually really enjoy the gymkhana challenges , its sumthin different to do and some of the are challenging which is good.

@Chip321 is uploaded two seperate videos and then put them together on youtube , i do agree it should let you record longer videos but it takes long enough with 30 seconds to upload

@ I AARON I - Ohh i didnt know you could do that. Sounds a bit complicated to me though


I agree though, it does take for ever just to upload a 30 sec video!

@Chip321 No its easy haha some thing on youtube does it for you and only takes a minute ,

Has anyone tried the transporter game mode online ? , easily my favourite