GUTTED!! 5 month old wireless headset dead

my wireless headset has just died after only 5 months now it will not charge.

just phoned ms up to get it replaced only for them to tell me there's only a 90 day warranty on headsets.

so thats £35 down the drain coz the store i bought it from is no longer open

any ideas if its repairable.



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Unfortunately, you're probably out of luck now. You might be able to sell it on eBay and mark it as 'for parts or not working'. Someone might want one of those headsets for parts or even just for the shell so they can modify it, or something similar. I own a Wireless Headset as well, though I retired it within a few weeks of use. I didn't like it at all. If you want another headset I suggest you take a look at the Turtle Beach XLCs, which are roughly in the same price range if not slightly cheaper. I have a set and I love them, but I know you didn't ask in the hope of receiving recommendations for a replacement.


If you have a Twitter account, try tweeting a message to @XboxSupport and see what they recommend. You might be able to send the headset in for a repair, albeit at a charge. Still, it might be cheaper than any other approach. Good luck!

IF you want to get a new headset, I bought this one a few months ago and I'm REAL happy with them.

You should have come on here before you bought that wireless one. I would have told you not to get it because it isn't worth the money. Now the X-11s Chickin posted are 100% worth it. I have a pair with the DSS box and they are fantastic.

I have a wireless headset and won't look past them, they are great and the quality is very good, I have had this one for 1 year and it is still working like new! I guess you have just been unlucky!