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I wouldn't be surprised if COD started charging for gun skins because you know what they are like when it comes to money and with a lot more appeal for Call of Duty over Gears of War they would be making a bomb, im personally against charging for weapon skins but if I was Activision/IW/Treyarch I know I would be charging all the idiotic COD fans out there.


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Like you said its for idiots, just like the idiots who bought the gears skins don't worry about sensible folk will just ignore it.

It wouldn't suprize me. I think the gears 3 skin pack was >3000 points which is a rip off considering what you are getting. EA started the whole online pass thing but still haven't sorted their servers out. Activision/treyarch make minor changes to their cod games and charge £45 every year and also add a subscription based service on top of xbox live fees to get the most out of the game.

I am quite sick of game developers ripping off gamers and releasing half finished games with locked content on the disc  just to release as paid dlc ie gun skins. I reccomend playing a game like dark souls which is unique, challenging and great value for money. Thats a game worth my £40 not call of duty which is basically the same every year.

Its not just charging for gun skins, devs are getting as much money out of gamers as they can in a lot of different ways these days.