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Got a mate coming round later for beers and Forza, I don't want him playing on my profile as the jammy sod has history of popping random Cheevos and my GS is mine! Can I sign him in as a guest using Kinect?

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Not quite the same thing but when we played Lego today Mrs Azrael was able to sign in with her gamertag and play as her.


Now the XBox signs her in as her seperate profile whenever she walks into the room.



My kitten was sitting next to me watching me game the other day and Kinect registered her as a guest!

Go to your profile, privacy settings, when its loaded press B you should now be at settings.

Right bumper across to OTHER PEOPLE & Guest settings should be there..

If I understand correctly, then unlike the xbox and the 360, he should be able to log in as himself and still play multiplayer with you using your gold subs!


Let us know if that actually works!

@Az  yeah, that's the sort of thing I meant, but as the owner of the xbox one your gold subs mean she could also play online without the need for an extra subscription.(and use netflix, lovefilm, youtube, etc etc....)

Yeah. My projector sometime logs in to a guest profile. I think Kinect must think it's R2D2 or something!

Giant Bomb did a live stream about the Xbox One and the Kinect recognised a lamp as a guest.  Pretty amusing.

Yep, you can log him in a guest with Kinect. Or he can log in as himself, and he'll get his own achivements