GTags and inaccessible accounts?!?!

After a fair amount of time online with one of the Xbox live Customer Support Agents, it was suggested by the CSA that I post my thoughts / suggestions online to see if moderator might have an answer to my issues and or allow them to take them onboard for future development or release in subsequent xbox software updates.

Hence, as requested by the CSA, I will try to raise my points here!! (so please accept my apologies if this has been raised somewhere else/previously... and or if this post becomes a little difficult to understand as I've never been great with the written word!!)

Both my wife and myself have been using OFFLINE profiles for some time now, thus accumulating various achievements and points associated with those OFFLINE profiles.  More recently however, we wanted to take our profiles online, and link to some family members elsewhere.  

As a consequence, we tried to sign up / into our online email account from our xbox with the profiles we already have, but found we were both unable to access our online accounts (for reference, both online email accounts were old hotmail address - and therefore already directly associated to Microsoft!?!?).  

So, after trying numerous times to go through the logging in process using the xbox controllers to navigate the alpha-numeric keyboard, we struck on the idea of logging into the xbox live portal online, and linking our email addresses to one of the new randomly generated GTags - which after numerous attempts,  we then managed to find and subsequently change to GTags which we were both more happy with!

However, we were still unable to log in to the xbox with our existing profiles using our chosen email address (which in turn we hoped would link to our existing profiles),

So... i then tried creating a brand new email address through the xbox... which it allowed, which is now associated it with my pre-existing profile - but I would rather have the GTag that I created in my original account (which according to the xbox CSA is now not possible???? - but I would be grateful if some could please let me know if this is wrong of there is a workaround)

Anyway, I think i've detracted a little from my post… 

Questions for the xbox live, development and or support teams (and anyone else with regard to their thoughts or suggestions) are...

1. Why could we not access our pre-existing Microsoft online email accounts - either pre or post the creation of my hard sought for GTag??

2. Can a GTag be disassociated from an existing profile (ie: the one with all my info from the newly created GTag) so that I can then link it to the GTag that I spent more time than I care to think about creating?!?!?

3. If creating a GTag in the Xbox live Portal pre logging in via the Xbox then limits subsequent access to that account from the Xbox itself, please can I suggest that this functionality be removed; as i feel it would help both the end user and reduce numerous customer support calls/issues in the future!  

That said, given the somewhat time consuming method of trying access my account on the Xbox using the controller to navigate the alpha-numeric keyboard only to be declined access time and again - the ability to access the online portal first, using a standing keyboard and internet connection etc etc, makes me think that this functionality would be much more helpful for the end users (and then taking the following action)?!?!?

4. Given that a typical database construction is based on a one to one, many to many and in the case of a GTag, one to many relationship (ie: if the GTag is fixed - as in the current system - it can obvioulsy be associated with many friends GTags, and changes of email, address and telephone number etc etc).

So, if the GTag is fixed, then the xbox login screen should by any real logical understanding - have the GTag as the user login name... and NOT an email address (as the latter can change - albeit only every 30 days as Xbox have their system set - and therefore lead to those issues outlined above - especially if the user changes their email address - due to work or ISP changes, or indeed if the address becomes hacked?!?!

I hope the above makes at least a little sense - because as stated at the beginning of this post, as I only really wanted to follow up on the request of the Xbox Live CSA to raise those points highlighted, in the vain hope that the Xbox support/software development team might take note and in the long term provide a solution to something that I feel would not only help the end user, but possibly reduce numerous customer support issue, as well as likely free up hundreds of unused GTags which are either sitting in inaccessible accounts (such as mine and my wife's); equally of course, if they the user got to choose their GTag from the start as part of the sign up process, the system would not need to generate randomly chosen GTags which again may become defunct / inaccessible to some poor user who will never now have the chance of choosing that GTag to start with!

Thoughts, suggestions and amendments all gratefully received, and thereafter, hopefully taken on board by the Xbox support / software development teams ;-)


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#1. A: When you say you were not able to access it, what does it mean ? You were not able to login into your account?

#2. A: You can always cancel that Gamertag, which would after some time free up the Gamertag to be used in another profile. You could then change the Gamertag in you old ( offilne ) profile to this new one.

2 things to keep in mind :

- cancelling your account will not refund any money that you may already have paid for a gold subscription.

- to change the gamertag in your old profile will cost you 800 points.

#3 - A: I did not understood your doubt.

#4 - After the Gamertag creation and once it is saved on your console, it´s not necessary to keep typing the e-mail. You will need to type your password on perfoming certain actions in the console, but that´s for security reasons.

Your Gamertag is just a screen name for Xbox LIVE, which is linked to a Microsoft account ( which used to be called Windows LIVE ID ).

So your username for this account is the e-mail address not the Gamertag.

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You want to go to and make sure to set up a microsoft account.

The email ties to that, NOT directly to your gamertag/profile.

This can use a hotmail account, or any other email, as long as it's current and active.

While setting this up, via a computer, make sure you don't create a random xbox live profile to connect to it. You want the microsoft account free of any live profiles.

Once that is completed, go onto your console and join live with your profile, using the info of the new microsoft account.

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