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does anyone know what was in the " no fly zone " part of the map.. ive always tried to get in there but i get shot and when i try fly over i get taken down by a missle..

i was told there a bulletproof car and a submarine there is that true..


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Erm there is an airport there. No Submarine A couple of are specific cars

I wasn't even aware of a 'no fly zone' in the GTA IV map. The only area you can get a wanted level for flying over is the airport, and even then it's only four stars. There are no special cars at the airport, except for a few taxi-liveried Perennials you can't get elsewhere, and the airport vehicles. There is also no submarine in the game; at least not a player-operatable one.

DO you mean GTAIII? if so it was area 51.

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DO you mean GTAIII? if so it was area 51.


I think you mean Gta: SA, there is a place called Area 69 (Area 51) which is a no fly zone.  There is a mission called Black Project, i think, where you have to steal a jetpack from the base.

That's what I meant to say, what can I say? It was early and I still needed coffee lol. Oh and yes it was the jet pack and after that it spawned at an airfield that you used as a base.

You can actually go into the inner layers of the 'Area 69' base on GTA:SA. Just drive a motorbike to the right side of one of the external air vents, get off, and you drop in. It's all eerie and hints towards experimentation, but all that's really in there is a huge map of SA and a Death Machine.

On the topic of GTA:SA, I remember breaking into the airport early on in the game by parking an ambulance next to the fence, jumping on it and then jumping over the fence. I stole a plane but didn't get far before crashing...