GTA 5 next gen?

It kinda concerns me how there's absolutely no news or info whatsoever from rockstar about it coming to xbox one/ps4... I was thinking of getting rid of my old console a few months or so after getting the x1, which would result in me not being able to play GTA5? (unless it's released on PC or they decide to port it to the next gen systems)

Well that'd suck... How do you guys feel/ can someone PLEASE tell me they have a reliable source saying its coming to next gen+link please. Speaking of which will any of you guys simply not get it because it may not be on next gen or will you just get it for your old console?


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It's NOT coming to next gen rockstar said they wanted to make the best game they could on hardware that they know the full capabilities of.  And you have to admit games do look better at the end of a generation than they do at the beginning.  This is simply because of what rockstar is saying they know what the machine can and can't handle


From the Official Xbox Magazine, so it will be pretty reliable.


I will wait to get it, just from all the glitchers online, GTA 4 was absolutely horrendous online, I have not been into them since Vice City. I just loved the 80's music on that, and it would make me play it for hours. I love games Music, it adds so much ambiance to many games

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