GTA 5 - Hacker Stole Insured Vehicle

So, last night I was playing GTA 5 and I joined up with a guy named [GT Removed] - Do not name and shame on the forums.  and I was riding in his Adder. Long story short we split up after a while I went back to my apartment and his Adder was in my garage and my favorite car was gone because his Adder had replaced it. I was pretty upset because as you know hackers have made the game a lot less fun.

So I would like to know how to report this guy so 'hopefully' he will get banned. Thanks for your help!!


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You cannot name and shame on this forum.

also you can't report unless you play with him or the reports are invalid.

Hey there Kevin!

You will need to file a complaint using your console tools.  You can also submit a bad player review about the user and mute, and block the user as well. For more info on reporting abuse, please review the Reporting Abuse on Xbox LIVE article. :-)

Also, for future reference, please do not name and shame on the forums.  For more information, please review the Xbox Forum Guidelines :)

Thanks for the help!!



Thought stealing cars was all part of the game ?  :)