Grid: Autosport

Hi folks,

The new Grid game gets released next week. So far details I've read about the game look and sound good.

Codies have released some details of a Racenet Club feature

Details are vague but it sounds a promising feature.

Anyone here interested in joining, being involved in say a "xbox uk forums club" Could add an interesting dynamic to the game.



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Definately picking this up.Looks a lot better than Grid 2.

Interested but will wait to see if a demo emerges to see how the cars feel, Grid 2 has got pretty much the worst handling model imaginable.

I'm definately going to be giving this a miss, I just cannot get into the Grid games.

I don't mind Grid games but since getting an Xbox One my 360 is full of dust, so I doubt I will be getting it. Shame it's not being released on One.

I've been watching Grid play and it does look pretty ok. I just might dust off my 360 and pick a copy up tomorrow.

I picked up my copy after finishing work last night along with Sniper Elite 3. So I'll be gaming all weekend :-)

As for Grid Autosport, so far I'm loving it. It's got that original Grid feeling and none of the BS from Grid 2.

The only bad thing is that I've been unable to create my own racing team. I've already completed season 1 and currently in season 2 and its just team offers!?! I'm guessing you need to get to a certain career level before it unlocks?

Only done a couple of races online and its great fun.

Totally agree it's a very good game.  I picked it up this morning and had a few goes, and it looks and plays nicely. I still would have preferred it on my XOne.  but they have done a decent job on the 360.

is the online any good cheers

I've played a few games online tonight. All seemed very smooth with hardly any noticeable lag. And quite a few we're playing.

Online's decent. There is lag but its only really noticeable when theres Aussie's in open wheel racing. The Indycars with Aussie lag is proper funny!!

It's a bit of a grind to earn money in order to buy cars. You get roughly £0-£15k per race but buying say a modern touring car will cost you £200k. Then once you buy a car the chances of you using it are slim due to the amount of different playlists.

Also you only start out will 3 garages slots and its costs £50k a time to unlock more.

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