Graphics Problems/Dying GPU

Alright, so heres whats up. I just bought a XBOX 360 PRO on EBAY for $70 used. The system was described as working perfectly with occasional freezes, and thats not how it actually functions (yea thats an issue with the *** seller).

When used, the system will work fine for about 5-10 minutes (enough time for picking a team and playing 1-2 innings of MLB 2k11), and then everything goes to hell. The screen starts to flicker a bit (begins at the bottom, then spreads to the middle and top), then white and black lines will take over the screen. Sometimes it wont be too noticeable - just blurry, but then other times it gets bad - a lot of static, almost like a tv not connected to cable with the game showing in the background. Sometimes it will stay that way and freeze, and other times it will revert back to normal only to *** up 5 minutes later. There has been NO RED RING. I have not received any red rings and I have not gotten any E74 errors. The issues also extend beyond the individual game into the dashboard.

I have attempted to clean the 360 by spraying air into the console to remove dust, though this has not helped. As the 360 is beyond warranty, I attempted to open up the console, though the previous owner stripped the torx screws. 

Am I screwed? Anyone had these problems and found fixes? I'm assuming I have to find a way to pull out the sripped screws and remount the heat sink, though if its not the fix I need to know. 


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Are you sure it wasn't modded..??

Try using a Mains Filter/Surge Protector on the power board & check your Power Brick etc...

Sometimes, it can be your houses wiring [Earth wires are looping] &/or dirty power from the power grid, from fuse box..

You can tell, if your houses wiring is earth looping.. By turning on a New Stereo amplifier or receiver & seeing if it humms on mute.. Your free to air TV should ghost too...

The image scaling chip is failing ANA\HANA. It's how my first Xbox kind of died. Basically the CPU and GPU are working fine, but the image scaling\encoding chip is dying or it or the GPU is lifting from the traces that connect them due to cold solder joint cracks. It drove me nuts since it seemed like it would only report back bad if it was completely dead or a large number of connections were lost. I pulled mine open since it was out of warranty and through a couple different methods fixed it for around 6 months. Eventually the video scaling chip died completely, but the system would turn on and play games just no video. Couldn't ever get the system to report a red ring code. Eventually tossed the system which was fine except for that one chip or broken connections.


If you can still return the console for a refund do to the seller obviously selling you a lemon I would really focus on that. Occasional freezes is something all Xbox360s seems to do at one time or another, but most of the time it's bad software crashing that is the cause. This is more like he knew it would work well enough to not get immediately returned, but knew it was really broken.

They could of piggyback modded the Timing on the HANA chip & have taken it off & then sold the console to you etc... I would return it to the seller & ask for a refund... Any problems, just contact ebay here;

OP, you will either need to contact the seller or have the console repaired by Microsoft. Discussions regarding self-repair are not permitted on the site.