Graphic Icon Problem When Game is Installed

Hello everyone.

I am just wondering is anyone else missing the graphic Icon when the game is installed to your hard drive?

I am referring to the Game -> My Games section on the xbox.

Silent Hill HD collection currently looks out of place due to this, the icon that does appear is a very small icon that looks awkward, only one other game in my library does this (Xmen Arcade game from XBLA).

Any idea if this will be/can be fixed?


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Either not Connected to Xbox LIVE or older Games do not have the appropriate Picture Update. It's nothing to worry about.

But I am connected to Xbox Live and it is a brand new game?

I am just curious as to why even a brand new game is experiencing this problem, its personally irritating.

Could be even some new Games (lower at the Distribution level) don't have the Full Graphic as well.

Bleh thats unfortunate. I hope it gets patched in soon. I know it is nothing so some people but I go through that list an awful lot and its a bit of an eyesore :-/

Seems like a simple bug that should get fixed. I have seen game box art get updated before a week or so after release. Clicked on the Icon in your previously played games and the box art doesn't show up. The URL for the large box art is a white 1x1 pixel jpeg and the URL to the game details on marketplace timeout and just takes you to the main marketplace page.

- it's there just nothing in that location right now besides the 1x1 which is probably a place holder.

Thanks for the info, it might update the next time the marketplace updates which is tuesdays I think? Hopefully it will anyway.

Thankfully DMC HD collection didnt suffer from the same problem.