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So why is there no EQ on X-Box music? It seems that all of the other branded pay music players (like itooons) have them why not microsoft x-box??? seems kind of mediviel to me. and yes my spelling sucks. Anyhow x-box i had an online support chat with zoey t  and she is awesome, so get gettin' on gettin' an EQ!  Respect Mike The Schlude Man


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What? I must say that this is difficult to read sir.

What I am sayin' is there is no EQ in the music player on X-.Box music and there should be! sir?

Ur ryt no equalizer simple really nd for a £120 phone too

Hey! At least I'm not the only one complaining about this. I love to tweak the EQ to make the music sound different and to study the harmony lines and the different instruments, etc.

Please, Mind the time stamp,

use whatever device you have to adjust the sound  .....  AFAIK most every device with sound inputs can be adjusted... The sorce file is NOT.